Veertig (Forty). Book with photos and descriptions by Kees Verbeek from an exhibition of forty pieces that illustrate the Passion story of Jesus. At an exhibition in Tegelen; 2010.

Het werk verzameld (The collected works). Overview on the versatility of my work as a virtual artist. Written by Kees Verbeek; 2009.

Al wat rijden kan, rijdt (All that can ride, rides). Booklet with pictures and accompanying stories from Kees Verbeek about a mob of ceramic artists, on the road on a motor cycle, skateboard or tricycle. At an exposition in Maaseik; 2008.

Adam, Eva, Sjer. Brochure for a monastic exhibition in Sant Cugat del Vall├Ęs in Spain; 2000.

All books are available at Gallery Sjer in Belfeld. You can also order them by mail. We will send them to you. Shipping costs will be added to your invoice.